Social media is a now a given in business – but are you seeing a return on investment from it?

Saying you or your organisation are not on social media is like saying you don’t have a website. Your customers expect to see you on social media, to interact with you there – and will hopefully to talk about you (in positive terms) on social media. Don’t think of social media as part of your marketing activity – think of it as part of your customer support.

Through training or coaching sessions I will work with you to get you set up on social media if necessary, helping you decide on the best networks to suit your needs and your audience’s preferences. I can help you decide what, when and how to post and make sure you understand the strengths and challenges associated with social media.


If you’re an established social media user who feels they’re not seeing a return on the time or effort they’re investing in social media, I can help you work out what’s not working. Are you on the right platforms? Are you posting at the most effective times? Are you engaging – or just broadcasting on social media? I’ll move you and your business from selfies to sales.


I run occasional open courses in both beginners and advanced social media skills or can work in-house to train your team or coach individuals to ensure social media is paying dividends for you and your business.



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