Do you struggle with presenting or speaking in public? Do nerves get the better of you or do you inflict ‘death by Powerpoint’ on your audience? Now you can learn from an award-winning speaker.


Having presented, trained, facilitated, chaired, compèred and even performed as a stand-up comic, I’ve learned how to engage an audience, keep people interested and communicate effectively. I was even named ‘National Speaker of the Year 2015’ by the Professional Speaking Association. Now I’m able to share my extensive skills and experience with you.


I work with individuals and groups looking to improve their presentations, training sessions or speeches. We can work on general public speaking skills or I can coach you for a particular speech or presentation.


Courses will be tailored to your specific needs but can cover a range of topics including:


  • Preparing for a speech or presentation: structures, objectives and rehearsing.
  • Delivery skills including body language, tone of voice and choice of language.
  • Engaging an audience, reading and gauging a room, maintaining attention.
  • Using questions – both yours and theirs.
  • Overcoming nerves – what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Tools and ‘anchors’, prompts and scripts.
  • Using humour in presentations.
  • Making effective use of Powerpoint – or presenting without it.
  • Meeting and measuring your objectives – and those of your delegates.
  • Gathering and acting upon feedback.

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