Do you want to get your name in the media?


Much as I’d love to do your PR for you, I recognise that not every organisation can afford professional PR help and that some would rather keep their PR work in-house.


My PR Skills training and coaching is popular with small businesses, entrepreneurs and charities, giving them a good understanding of how the media works so they know how and when to approach a journalist with a story idea.


Sessions cover PR basics including how to write a press release (still the main vehicle for most business PR activity), how to identify and contact the right journalists to pitch it to, use of photos and case studies and how to use social media as part of a PR campaign.

Training or coaching run in-house can be tailored to your organisation, to help you develop a PR strategy around a particular product, service or news story and I can also mentor those undertaking PR for the first time to ensure effective delivery of a PR strategy.

All PR coaching and training is bespoke but can cover topics such as:

* Identifying the stories in your business organisation

* Identifying the right media to target to reach the right audience

* Using social media as part of a PR campaign

* Writing and sending press releases

* Use of images, case studies and research

* Promoting yourself as a media expert

* Developing a good working relationship with journalists


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