Broad portfolio of services – or jack of all trades?

I’m reading more and more about the need for businesses – be they one-man bands or larger SMEs – to have a portfolio of services to offer customers, to bring additional revenue streams to the business as well as give clients a more rounded service.

It’s something I wrestled with when I first set up Vada Media, unsure how to balance the different aspects of my business – namely PR, journalism and training – and that was before I started copywriting, presenting videos and speaking at events. I was concerned that I might come across as unfocused; a jack of all trades but master of none.

It took me a few years (and feedback from a number of clients) to realise that in fact I should be using my range of talents, skills and experience as a marketing tool, not trying to hide certain parts of my work from certain clients (or potential clients) for fear of them feeling I wasn’t serious about whichever service I was offering them.

Now not only am I proud of the range of services I provide, which are all linked by my media and communications skills and experience but I see it as a positive bonus – I can offer clients a portfolio, adapting my services to meet their needs. I’m experienced and honest enough to say when something doesn’t fall within my portfolio and will always try to point in the direction of someone who can offer the service I can’t.

This portfolio of services also offers me some security, especially in these straitened times, as I tend to find that as demand for one service falls, another grows. For instance, at the moment a lot of people are re-skilling or updating their skills (in topics such as social media) so I’m doing a lot of training work.

I’m even bringing my experience as a multi-skilled worker to bear on my training next month, when I run a training course aimed at fellow freelance journalists looking to add a second string to their bow. Freelance commissions are increasingly difficult to come by at the moment (a fact I can attest to) so journalists, like many other freelance workers, need to have other irons in the fire to ensure they have other sources of revenue to see them through the quiet periods. If you’re interested, you can find details of the course, run through, HERE.

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