Is it worth offering an exclusive on a story?

I’ve had two very different experiences of offering exclusivity on stories this week.

First I offered exclusivity to a Sunday newspaper on new research and statistics on behalf of one of my clients. Had to chase the journalist for a response who then turned it down. I’ll hold my hand up and say it wasn’t the strongest story I’ve ever handled but sometimes the chance to run new stats before a competitor can help whet the appetite of a journalist.

Then later the same day I received a call from a journalist on a wedding magazine who had received a press release I’d sent to a number of bridal titles. It was a feature story rather than anything newsworthy but she wanted to run it in her news pages, but only if she could have it as an exclusive. I was honest and told her that other journos had received the release but that none had yet come back to me. I offered her the images as an exclusive and she took them on that basis.

I honestly thought the news story was worthy of offering exclusivity whereas with the feature story it never occurred to me to offer an exclusive. Even after 10 years in this profession, these things can still surprise.

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