Need marketing but no budget? PR may be the answer.

If you’ve come back to your desk after the festive break you may well be looking at building new business for the new year. We all know that we have to be making some noise about our businesses but if money is tight that can seem impossible, ruling out advertising or buying in data for direct marketing.

If you’re willing and able to give it a go in-house, PR (public relations) needn’t cost anything, except a few hours of your time. Most small businesses want to get editorial coverage, be it in newspapers and magazines or increasingly online. Despite rumours of the death of the press release, most journalists will still ask for a release if you ring, email or tweet them about a story, so it’s worth taking an hour or so to write one. I’ll blog in more detail about what needs to go into a press release in the near future but in the meantime if you’d like my press release template, drop me an email and I’ll send it across.

People always worry about who to send the press release to and often this is the point at which the project is abandoned. I’ve always thought it is better to send the release to just one journalist than none, so next time you’re reading your target publication, make a note of the journalist who writes about the most relevant topic to your business, such as news, business, sport or arts. Send that journalist an email with your press release in the body of the mail (not as an attachment) and you’re undertaken your first piece of PR – and it won’t have cost you a penny.

Will that journalist read your story? Is what you’ve written about actually a story anyway? Will it get coverage I’ll be talking about these topics in future postings but let me know if you’ve got a specific question you’d like me to address.

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